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"You shall surely give to him, and your heart should not be grieved when you give to him, because for this thing the Lord your God will bless you in all your works and in all to which you put your hand." Deuteronomy 15:10 


Three Boys Out Side


Prayer Team

By joining our prayer team, you are making a commitment to pray for us on a regular basis. Every two months you will receive a prayer card with a list of specific things for which we especially need your prayers. We take your commitment very seriously and ask that you do the same.

Pantry Partners

Three Boys Out SidePantry Partners is our food/clothing/toiletries drive program. Feeding growing boys is hard work, and parishes tend to love holding month-long collections to help us keep our pantry stocked! Drives that collect over 20 boxes will be shipped for free, thanks to a generous nation-wide shipping company. Once you have collected everything, contact us with the following information so that we can schedule a pick-up:

  • Name of contact person and their phone numbers (including cell)
  • Address where boxes can be picked up.
  • Hours of operation (days/times pick up is possible)
  • Description of what is to be picked up (how many boxes, approximate size)

Call our office for more information, or download printable materials for your weekly bulletin or parish announcement board below!


Our Needs List!

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Charity Drive Flyer

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Church School Curriculum

If you are looking for a fun, hands-on way to teach young people about the importance of doing acts of charity, Project Mexico has developed a three-lesson Church School Curriculum that is available at no cost. The three lessons give students an opportunity to:
  • Examine what it means to be poor
  • Hear what Christ instructed us to do for those in need
  • Learn about Project Mexico's ministry to the poor and orphaned of Mexico.
The Curriculum binder contains lesson plans and special aids for the teacher, tips on preparation and publicity, and handouts to be copied for the students. Also included in the binder are two supplementary lessons: "The Life of St. Innocent" and "Christmas in Mexico." 

Included are detailed instructions for several different fundraising projects that get students up and out of their seats, including building a scaled model of one of the homes Project Mexico volunteers build for poor families living in Tijuana.


Find out more about the Church School Curriculum.


School Buddies

The average education in Mexico is 5th grade.  With the help of those who support our School Buddies Program, we are able to put our boys through highschool and even college if they choose. Individuals or parishes can sign up to sponsor a particular boy, and will receive updates on his progress throughout the school year. . A scholarship of $1200 per boy covers school uniforms and shoes, school supplies and materials, books, special school assessments and fees, insurance and transportation. Call our office for more information, or download printable materials for your weekly bulletin or parish announcement board below!

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School Buddies Brochure

Find our more about School Buddies.


Santa's Helpers

Three Boys Out SideEvery fall we work extra hard to provide a joyous Christmas season for our boys, some of whom have never celebrated the Nativity before! We are only able to do this through the generous donations of our Santa's Helpers, who bring a smile to the faces of our boys year after year with the gifts that they collect and send to us. Christmas is the time to refresh the growing boys' basic clothing needs and allow each of them to ask for one or two special wishes. Santa's Helpers receive a list containing information on each boy including needed clothing and sizes as well as individual special wish items. Santa's Helpers then commit to obtain certain items on the list until all the gifts are covered. The list is available several months before Christmas so that there is plenty of time to have gifts shipped and ready for Christmas morning. Call our office for more information, or download printable materials for your weekly bulletin or parish announcement board below!


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The Project Mexico Internship Program allows young adults to do the work of the Church in Mexico alongside Project Mexico staff. This experience is invaluable and offers tremendous possibilities for the growth of the individual. During the program, interns can look forward to the following:
  • Cultural Awareness - through living and working in two cultures (Mexican and American) and through seeing the Faith expressed in Hispanic culture.
  • Longlasting Friendships - established through living, praying, and working together.
  • A Lasting Contribution - by giving something of incredible value to the mission work, i.e., the intern him/herself and his/her unique talents and ideas.

Internship lengths are three months or one year. Candidates must have already participated as a volunteer. If you're interested, contact us for more information.


Skilled Workers


Work Group

We have an ongoing need for skilled workers of virtually all trades - carpentry, masonry, excavation, electrical, plumbing, roofing, CAD drafting, alarm systems, pumps, painting, agriculture, farming and animals, etc.If you are skilled and are eager to help out, we can arrange anything from a one day visit to a week or more. The projects range from items that are on hold for lack of skilled help to bigger projects in our master plan which would require some advance planning.

Projects can be a one-time event or ongoing, e.g. one day per month over a few months. This can be an opportunity to come on your own, bring family or friends to help, or organize your fellow tradesmembers to do a project as a team. Some of our projects have funds available and others would require us to raise funds or seek material donations which you may be able to help us with as well.

View a list of our current projectsble as possible. Depending on the type of work, some of the boystants 

Information Request

General questions not covered here? Fill out our online information packet request form.